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Ba Vi is a Mountainous Area of Hanoi. It’s one of a kind activity that you can escape all the noises and crowd of big city and allow yourself to explore and live close to local people! It’s great chance to enjoy a wonderful trip with a beautiful villages, warm welcome of Muong Ethnic village in West of Hanoi.


You will visit the tea village and helping local people to harvest tea leaves
You will take part in cooking traditional Vietnamese food and make some traditional cakes
Visit some workshops in the village make Tofu, make traditional conical hat in Vietnam, unshell the rice
Boating down the Da River to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and explore the local life on the riverside


Anh chinh up

“We have started this project to show people the authentic life of Vietnamese villages and to support local families by giving them job opportunities. Our concept is to let our guests to interact with local people and know more about their lifestyle and traditions for the better understanding of Vietnamese culture. We want to show the real life of Vietnam.”


Host 11

Mrs. Chin
The host guide to cooking and visiting in the village

Mrs. Chin has married to a man from the Moc village and lives there most of her life. She is a teacher at a local kindergarten and in her free time, she loves doing gardening and cooking. She would introduce to you the local people’s lifestyle, show you how to cook Vietnamese food and take you to visit her neighbors’ workshops.

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Mr. Chau
The host guide to traditional foot bathing and boating

Mr. Chau is representative of “Muong” nation, and he also is a grandson of the first fisherman in the Ben Dinh village. He has chosen the same occupation as his grandfather and father. You could visit his house and do some gardening there. He also could take you for a walk around the village. He will introduce you to the traditional way of fishing in this area and take you on the boat trip.

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Mr. Duoc
The host guide to harvesting tea

Mr. Duoc was born in the Ri village which is famous for growing tea. In his early twenties, he took part in the Vietnam war and was one of the courageous soldiers who opened the doors of Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City. After the war, he went back to his village and started growing tea. You can learn a lot about tea from him. Moreover, he can tell you many stories about his interesting life.

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Ms. Hoang Thuy
Travel Consultant

Mrs. Thu Hien

Ms. Hong Hoa
Sales manager

Mr. Trinh Ha


      Ngày này thật đặc biệt! ! Hiền từ Sviet Travel đã đích thân tạo ra chuyến tham quan này đến thăm ngôi làng của mình, gặp gỡ người thân của mình. Chúng tôi đến thăm nhà của gia đình nơi gia đình rộng lớn hơn...gặp nhau vào những ngày lễ đặc biệt để tôn trọng tổ tiên của họ. Ở đây chúng tôi cũng làm cuộn giấy gạo tươi của riêng mình. Chúng tôi đã đi một tour du lịch bằng xe đạp trong khoảng 6 km qua làng, dọc theo một số điểm rất đẹp với cảnh hồ, sau đó đường giữa các cánh đồng lúa. Sau khi dừng lại ở nông trại của một người anh em (với nhiều loại cây ăn quả khác nhau), chúng tôi đã đi qua một phần khác của ngôi làng, thăm bệnh viện, chúng tôi đã xem một số gạo được xay ở một nơi khác, sau đó chúng tôi xem TOFU lợn chơi. Trên đường về nhà, chúng tôi đến thăm một trang trại trà, thuộc sở hữu của một cựu chiến binh Việt cũ. Điều này thật đặc biệt khi hỏi anh những câu hỏi cá nhân về những trải nghiệm của anh trong cuộc chiến. Anh may mắn sống sót với một viên đạn gặm đầu và tất nhiên là màu da cam và chiến tranh hóa học khác. Một ngày siêu đặc biệt! ! Thêm

    thumb AndrewB8602

      I took Ba Vi eco tour in the end of June. It took only one day but it had lots of activities: cycling, cooking, gardening, picking the tea leaves, fishing. I visited three villages and had known a lot about lifestyle of Vietnamese farmers. People were very nice and friendly there, they showed me how to harvest the tea leaves, do fishing with net traps, make tofu and unshell the rice, some of the things I tried by myself.I also learnd how to make some Vietnamese dishes which we had for lunch...More

    thumb Irina K

      A big thank you for Mr. Ha Trinh, Director of Bavi Eco Tour and his wife. We experienced the most authentic eco tour we could wish for. We had a wonderful trip to their family village West of Hanoi. We received a very warm welcome by their family, in the beautiful village we made a cycling tour through the rice fields, made a boat trip on the river, learned to cook a Vietnamese lunch and we saw how they made Tofu from scratch, which is really hard work!...More

    thumb natashahooper